mEN'S hEALTH Mega media tour

The only nationwide media tour from the comfort of your home office!

This package offers instant access to a ready-made media tour that provides a continuous coverage blitz across all critical media vectors. We’ve selected the most dynamic, game-changing, and results-driven elements of our high-end media engagement tour. We have compiled them into one all-inclusive, shockingly potent, nationwide media engagement tour.

Men's Health across every conceivable social media platform, podcast channels, T.V., Radio, and print media, will be introduced to your company every hour of every single day, each month for the life of the tour. But here’s the best part! This tour can be as short as three months, or can be carried out ongoing, month in, month out!

Here are just a few of the incredible services included in this all-inclusive Publicity Package:

Image by CoWomen
  • We’ll book you with weekly interviews from our private hotlist of more than 50+ prolific Men's Health niche podcast shows.

  • We dig deep and pitch you to traditional media to secure engagements for:​​

  •  T.V.

  • Radio

  •  Journalists

  •  Socal Media Influencers

  •  You’ll receive unbridled access to our proprietary Keyword, and A.I. fueled auto outreach technology called Ronin Autom8, which expedites media engagement at lightning speed!

  • Ronin Autom8 is a proprietary technology that continuously hunts for your selected keywords being used by any of our more than 500,000 journalists and producers in our database.

  • Upon identification of your targeted keywords being used, Ronin Autom8 identifies, and auto connects with journalists and media producers who are looking for subject matter experts for your industry niche.

  • Using A.I., Ronin Autom8 custom tailors email introductions and invites to connect to journalists and producers who are chatting about your industry on social media or have recently published a piece about your industry.


We will write articles that showcase the content covered in your latest media engagements. Those articles are then syndicated across our massive network of over 100+ news network affiliate sites for ABC, CBS, NBS, and FOX to maximize brand authority reach.

We’ll regularly write press releases and distribute them, journalists, via a custom-tailored, niche-targeted distribution for each interview appearance.

We continuously engage in social media influencer outreach to introduce targeted digital tribes and industry enthusiasts to the buzz around your latest interviews.

We will design Image memes with your media quotes and 30-second sharable video clips from your interviews for promotion on all social media platforms. We create fresh and new content each month that reinforces your media coverage promotional initiatives and branding goals.

And much more!

We work with a limited number of clients in each industry niche category. We do this so that we can offer maximum impact to each client, without putting our clients in a competitive position that could limit their media coverage. We give you 110%, and from the very beginning, this plug and play publicity strategy will have your brand screaming across every conceivable media vector imaginable!
Space is limited. Contact us today!