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Lawyers can harness Stitch Publicity's thought leadership program for success.

Updated: May 19, 2020

By Stitch Publicity

A bold opportunity is rising for lawyers: as society becomes more collaborative, it's time for legal professionals to revolutionize their approach and implement thought leadership strategies. From sky-rocketing fees to poor delivery, the discontent boils down to lawyer's undervaluing their client relationships and not evolving with the collaborative technology available.

For lawyers ready to take the plunge, thought leadership is a robust approach that can transform consumer relationships with the legal world. As a driver of business success, legal professionals can harness thought leadership by establishing their authority and providing answers to the big questions consumers are asking. Implementing thought leadership into a firm’s content marketing strategy can transform their role in society, placing emphasis on collaboration and building a solid reputation that highlights their expertise.

Automated marketing technology like American Titan’s Thought Leadership Publicity Program offers lawyers and legal firms a chance to harness the power of authority. Making it easier for lawyers to join the modern collaborative content space, the program uses A.I. and machine-learning technology to establish a gap in the industry narrative and catapult clients to the forefront of authority in their subject. By focusing on supercharged media outreach, Stitch Publicity's program will revolutionize the way consumers interact with legal professionals.

Right now, there is a considerable gap between the legal industry and consumers. Prospective clients aren't satisfied with credentials alone anymore; thought-provoking ideas lead the content world, and that notion applies to the legal sector too. To make a difference, lawyers and firms need to establish a clear lead in their industry by analyzing the market and reshaping their services to align with consumer needs.

For legal professionals seeking to implement thought leadership, a long-term approach is essential to the success of their business. By stitching authority into the social construct of their clients, legal professionals can focus on nurturing long-term relationships. Focusing on both long-term solutions and connections will allow their reputation to soar and their authority to bloom.

Thought leadership programs are an essential tool in the modern legal professional’s repertoire. By placing focus on the mutually beneficial relationships between lawyers and their clients, thought leadership offers several comprehensive tools to help lawyers achieve maximum response.

Through Stitch Publicity's program, content can also be syndicated to hundreds of news affiliate websites, including CBS, NBS, and Fox. Syndicated content is used to establish authority and trust in consumers, and can offer streamlined media exposure for legal professionals seeking to offer expertise. Content can also be distributed to Congressional Offices, Federal Agencies, and International Government if it qualifies, creating ripples for legal professionals and harnessing authority.

The world around us is sculpted by law, yet there's a dire need for a revolution to bridge that gap between professionals and consumers. Automated programs like American Titan’s Thought Leadership Publicity Program offer legal professionals a unique opportunity to forge a new era that highlights collaboration and rides the digital wave.

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