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Musicians can harness Stitch Publicity's A.I. technology to reach stardom.

Updated: May 20, 2020

By Tim Davis

The A.I. revolution is here, and for music industry professionals wanting to stay on top of the game, this is their best bet yet. Relying on technological revolutions, namely the digitalization of content, the music industry has consistently flourished through being reshaped - and this time, it's no different. With the injection of automated publicity strategies like Ronin Autom8, those in the music industry can leverage more robust results than ever before. Automation technology has the ability to power every element of the music industry by nurturing the audience connection every step of the way. Ronin Autom8 was designed to bridge the gap between the industry, their audiences, and the media; by using A.I. to complement structured publicity strategies, media exposure, and the growth of support is no longer guesswork - it's mathematics. Unlike traditional public relations firms that offer limited publicity, A.I. takes clients to heights that human labor simply can't achieve. A few years ago, music professionals were worried their industry would become obsolete with the introduction of more effective technology - but with the introduction of automated publicity strategies, leveraging technological revolutions has never been more critical. A.I. has the power to keep music industry professionals relevant, firmly positioning clients in their limelight and offering opportunities that don't exist without automation tools.

Stitch Publicity’s Ronin Autom8 is a powerful example of the shift from traditional to digital, driving music industry professionals to new heights. With automated publicity strategies, music professionals can be planted in front of hundreds of media opportunities every week. By supersizing media outreach, they can streamline the way consumers interact with their music by cultivating genuine relationships with their audiences, while simultaneously maximizing profits. By continuously appearing in media engagements engineered to supercharge their reach, music industry professionals from independent artists to tour promoters can create their own lane.

Independent musicians also benefit from the power of already implemented A.I. technology. Having accompanied the music industry for some time now, A.I., automation, and machine-learning algorithms are the secrets behind the success of software like Spotify and Soundcloud. Focused on user-experience, A.I. is critical in curating consumer playlists and recommendations. Platforms like these allow independent musicians to gain exposure, but without a hyper-evolved publicity strategy, their music is bound to fall short. By riding the wave of the A.I. revolution and utilizing a more extensive range of the automation tools available, independent musicians can harness the full force of their movements. When musicians pair automated publicity strategies like Ronin Autom8 with exposure on Spotify or Soundcloud, their careers become well-crafted success stories.

For independent musicians, the use of automation technology has the power to reshape their entire careers. Traditionally, musicians have had to prove their worth to record companies by providing demos. Waiting to be discovered is officially over; for independent musicians, the injection of A.I. and the use of solutions like Ronin Autom8 has put the power back in their hands. Authentic stardom is achievable for those who employ automated publicity solutions like Stitch Publicity’s Ronin Autom8. Solutions like Ronin Autom8 are setting new standards, making it crucial for the music industry to keep up. From independent musicians still finding their voices to live music professionals, A.I. is changing the game, bending the rules, and transforming the entire industry as we know it. The era of potential is upon us, and A.I. technology plays an instrumental position role.

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