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Stitch Publicity changes the private sector with the introduction of research program

Updated: May 19, 2020

Next generation methods for communicating valuable information to stakeholders and the wider public sphere is integral to the success of modern organizations. Regardless of the sentiment and functionality of meaningful research, organizations simply can’t effectively drive their work into the hands of those that will use it without taking a digitized approach.

Stitch Publicity is aiming to change the game with the launch of its Research Promotion Program. Featuring A.I., automation tools and machine-learning technology to revolutionize the publicity scape, organizations can expect to see media coverage surrounding their research increase by 1000%. Stitch Publicity are veterans in publicity, having promoted thousands of research reports, strategic initiatives and thought leader executives prior to their program launch. Aiming to distribute valuable research that can be used as a scaffold for both domestic and international initiatives, the program motivates research movements, driven by ‘journalistic megaphones.’ It supports organizations from a range of sectors including education, economic, technology, biotech, national security, finance and legislative research.

The program is set to completely change the face of research publicity in the private sector and Think Tanks; by propelling valuable research to a plethora of stakeholders, brand awareness can bloom and drive organizations to be viewed as experts in their industry. Implementing hyper-evolved strategies like Stitch Publicity’s into the foundations of the private sector allows meaningful research to create a higher level of impact where it counts.

If an organization’s reach is small and they are working within the constraints of traditional publicity tools, building up the momentum of their movement can be strenuous. When these organizations aren’t limited by their own parameters, results that reflect the value of their research come to fruition. Utilizing programs like this allow research firms to align with government and academic organizations and other stakeholders that further drive information movements.

Featuring a fully-functional and continuous campaign that pushes meaningful research into the limelight, the program includes media outreach tools that more than triples readership for the client. Using surgically-targeted technology to drive the movement into the hands of those who can power it, Stitch Publicity provides a catalyst for organizations in the private sector, as well as Think Tanks and other research firms.

The program also encompasses content syndication to reputable news affiliate sites including Fox, NBC and CBS. By maximizing the impact of the content and distributing it within acclaimed sources, organizations within the private sector can expect to see their movements fast-tracked. The opportunity to create a specialized niche forum is also available, giving clients the power to invite other researchers and stakeholders to inject into their dialogue, producing a dynamic platform that gains significant traction and highlights trustworthiness.

The modern information ecosystem can make it difficult for those with brilliant solutions to be heard, but the entrance of novel publicity strategies can change that. For organizations looking to see their work in the spotlight, Stitch Publicity’s program is their vessel to success.

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