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Stitch Publicity launches turnkey virtual summit program that aims to keep organizations relevant

Updated: May 19, 2020

The crisis has pushed the digitalization of businesses almost overnight, forcing organizations to revolutionize the way they connect with consumers, clients and even members of staff. The switch to digital has transformed the business world, creating new obstacles for many organizations and initiatives around the world in their struggle to stay relevant. To stay afloat, organizations need to welcome this shift as an opportunity to reshape their role in society. A digital revolution isn’t difficult with the right tools; by taking a collaborative approach and implementing innovative technology and programs, organizations can use this time to evolve their impact.

Right now, organizations that harness the power of the Internet will catalyze their movements to success. There’s never been a better time for organizations to inject value into the social dialogue; with most of the world indoors, audiences are already logged on and consuming content. If organizations are to stand strong through the crisis-era, they need to mobilize this. Business is bound to transcend society’s sudden change in trajectory if they can continue benefiting consumers by staying relevant and valuable.

To exercise this potential, Stitch Publicity has launched a new-age service that uses surgically-targeted media outreach tools to develop dynamic virtual summits for organizations of any size and reach. It aims to help organizations use virtual events to stay on top of their game and keep playing it too, despite setbacks from the crisis. Developed purely for collaboration purposes, Stitch Publicity seeks to elevate organizations by providing tools to digitalize their approach. For organizations new to forming digital connections, this is a turnkey solution that has the power to change it all.

Available at a low cost to highlight accessibility, the service provides organizations with all of the tools necessary to get their message in the spotlight. Catapulting clients into prosperity, the service drives organizations to boost their authority with successful virtual events and summits.

One of the most impressive features of the service is access to streamlined media coverage and outreach. Virtual events are geared with the media hype to match, meaning journalists and other media stakeholders are kept in the loop and used for widespread event promotion. Using the power of A.I. and automation, the service uses defined keywords put forth by the client to find and match prospective media coverage. When the system finds an appropriate match with a journalist, an automatic pitch is sent requesting to connect, including a personalized VIP pass to the client’s event and an outline of its purpose.

Creating personalized media hype surrounding the client’s event will allow movements to take off on their own, particularly when used consistently. Clients will receive media outreach for up to 30 days before their event as well as 60 days afterwards, maximizing the impact and propelling their message to new audiences. For clients who need immediate media coverage, the opportunity to synchronize tools like Zoom and Calendly is also available.

The use of A.I. technology allows the service to completely customize VIP invitations without any prior contact information. The client provides details for their chosen demographic, including geographic location, industry niche and target executive level. Using an already-established database in real-time, the tool automatically creates a list of media contacts, including their email, social media profiles and in some cases, even their mobile number.

As well as providing clients with a list of contacts, the service also supports an email platform that utilizes A.I. and automation to begin filling seats at virtual events. To add to the accessibility of the Virtual Summit service, free production of the Live-stream is included if organizations need it.

Regardless of the reach of the client, Stitch Publicity’s Virtual Summit Service can help clients can reach new levels of authority. By using the joint power of surgically targeted invites and media outreach, organizations can eclipse the crisis and excel in their missions.

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