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Stitch Publicity launches virtual summit service to support thought leaders

Updated: May 19, 2020

In the age of information, it’s vital that thought leaders use robust and innovative marketing tools to cut through the noise. Particularly in the crisis-era, thought leaders are at the liberty of creating their own movements - but without implementing stable marketing structures, valuable information can fall through the cracks without impact. For research firms and thought leaders with the drive to achieve expertise in their industry, they need to digitalize their approach. It’s not enough to simply stay afloat; thought leaders need to stay relevant and inject value that aligns with the current social construct.

To maximize their digital impact and drive information to those who need it, thought leaders should consider using virtual events and summits. Many organizations around the world are introducing their movements to digital audiences through the crisis-era, allowing them to firmly plant valuable information in front of their chosen audience. Consumers are seeking valuable information more than ever before, placing thought leaders and research firms in a unique position to successfully employ these digital marketing tools.

Stitch Publicity has just launched their new Virtual Summit Service for thought leaders seeking an innovative marketing approach to drive their virtual events. Using A.I. and automated technology to supercharge media outreach, the service allows clients to highlight specific relevant keywords that are then used to match with journalists and other media stakeholders. When a match is created, media contacts are sent an automatic pitch that outlines the virtual event and includes a personalized VIP pass. By using automation to complement prospective authentic client-media relationships, the virtual event and the driving movement can extend its reach beyond imagination.

With the power of automation, an impactful media hype is created to fit the needs of the client. Delivering potent media outreach from 30 days prior to the event as well as 60 days afterwards, unique engagements like op-eds, features and interviews can create the scaffold of a successful virtual event. Maximizing coverage before and after the event is vital to building momentum for the virtual summit and its lasting impact on both the client and their consumers. When dialogue put forth during the virtual event is harnessed afterwards and propelled into a customized media hype, thought leaders will watch their value spread like wildfire.

Clients in need of immediate coverage can also synchronize their media outreach with tools like Calendly and Zoom. The use of these tools puts thought leaders in control by enabling them access to their own ever-changing mediascape, giving them the power to morph their movements in real-time. By gaining access to these tools, thought leaders can access immediate media opportunities that appear in their calendar seemingly out of nowhere.

Unlike virtual events marketed with legacy technology, Stitch Publicity’s service gives thought leaders the chance to showcase their value to a full audience. Clients can reap the benefits of A.I. and automation technology with the use of customized VIP invitation lists, aimed to catalyze the reach of the virtual event. Clients can provide the system with information on their target audience, and simply sit back and watch the virtual seats fill with consumers, influential stakeholders and further media contacts.

For thought leaders and researchers ready to emerge as the authority of their niche industry, Stitch Publicity’s Virtual Summit Service offers a flawless approach. If thought leaders can ride the digital wave and create virtual events that are relevant, ground-breaking and trustworthy, the crisis-era has the potential to revolutionize the role that thought leaders play in our society.

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