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Think Tanks can cut through the noise with Stitch Publicity’s Research Promotion Program

Updated: May 19, 2020

In an overwhelmed mediascape, Think Tanks need to seek innovative methods for distributing their research. Regardless of the value and scope of research or information provided by Think Tanks, without a fully-optimized publicity scaffold, it will never be utilized to its peak potential. For Think Tanks that know failure isn’t an option, a new program from Stitch Publicity aims to put research ‘into the hands of global influencers’ who will utilize its value.

Stitch Publicity’s Research Promotion Program is a game-changer for Think Tanks and other research institutes seeking to share their findings. For organizations looking to reach international government, the media and the wider public sphere, the program is a turnkey solution that boosts exposure. Using advanced tools including A.I., machine-learning technology and big data science, the program packs impact into every layer of the promotional scaffold.

The program allows Think Tanks to inject critical research into the social dialogue with ease, streamlining consistent media outreach and using promotion to boost brand awareness and growth. When powerful research is paired with next generation publicity strategies, Think Tanks can position themselves at the forefront of their niche industry. Stitch Publicity’s program allows easy extension to stakeholders who can put the client’s research into action.

The value of the research can be reflected in the joint power of next generation technology and streamlined media hype. Including hyper-evolved media outreach tools, the program directly links Think Tanks with the media, creating momentum for the research and further, the organization. When key journalists from niche industries connect with the research, trust and authenticity are automatically built into the Think Tanks’ legacy.

Another feature of the program is the ability for Think Tanks to create a specialized niche forum encompassing of an audience that extends to fellow researchers, media connections, influencers, government academic research organizations and other stakeholders. Giving Think Tanks a fully-customizable platform where they can drive their own movement is one of the key elements of the program that differentiates it from traditional research publicity methods.

Research can also be optimized for content syndication, allowing Think Tanks to extend their media engagements even further and delve into new demographics. Content is maximized for efficiency and impact and can be syndicated to hundreds of news affiliate websites including CBS, NBC and Fox. By projecting valuable research to trusted media sites, Think Tanks can convey their own trustworthiness and gain authority within their niche.

When it comes to cutting through the noise, Think Tanks need to be armed with the most advanced tools available. Stitch Publicity’s Research Promotion Program can create waves of engagement for Think Tanks who know it’s simply not enough to make ripples.

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