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Thought Leaders Now is When You Need to Rise Up! What Are Your Intentions and Purpose?

Updated: May 19, 2020

In these times we are asking ourselves what’s next and why me or why now? Everywhere you look there are carnage and devastation and we are only in the beginning stages of this pandemic. We’ve quickly evolved into a submission focused population rooted in the safest path forward and collective hyper-cautious behavior in every conceivable perspective. Panic and anxiety are all around us which has forced a new cultural vulnerability into the forefront. The cultural vulnerability is the pure absence of leaders, where are they? We have legions of so-called thought leaders” battling for position and recognition when times are easy and society is accepting of untested leaders with an interesting perspective, but now, things are different.

Right now, industry and the general population, when seeking out guidance or a strategic voice to guide movement in this new, normal way of life, the only response is the distant echo of the leaderless, blindly feeling their way forward. Think about it, practically every industry niche is asking the same questions. “How can we survive this pandemic when nobody is buying?” “As a business owner, how am I going to keep the lights on when sales have plummeted to nothing?” “When is it socially acceptable for me to start talking about my organization’s financial hardship without seeming to be self-centered or of limited perspective?” To speak out to offer guidance could be career suicide if you make a statement that seems to take away from the death and horror that this pandemic has unleashed; or it could be the perfect environment for the rise of a new kind of leader.

It takes no special achievement to hire a PR firm to brand you as a thought leader. The media will offer anyone a platform in exchange for bold one-line zingers and a few interesting ideas. True thought leaders are tested in the fires of surviving disintegrating markets and the chaos of unexpected despair. True thought leaders rise up to be an example for others in the industry to mimic and follow. Well, before this pandemic, there were 10,000's claiming to be thought leaders, where are they now? Cowards and frauds scatter when the lights are turned on but the lion is still and knows that they are the king and was born, for one thing, to lead and impose their will on the situation.

How did you label yourself on LinkedIn before this pandemic? Did you call yourself a thought leader? If so, what are you doing now to live up to that label? Now that times are tough, why are you so skittish? What’s the root of your hesitation? If you don’t step up, is there someone else more fit to survive and lead the industry out of this mayhem? Have you truly earned that label of “leader”? If you’re not leading right now, are you going to remove that Thought Leader label you added to your LinkedIn and company profile? Or are you ready to take action and stand at the forefront of your industry and passionately lead with conviction and vigor? Now, while the industry is afraid to move and the podium is vacant, its time to rise up and lead.

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