Stitch Publicity is an innovator of next-generation publicity solutions across the board. We’ve only recently begun to offer our services directly to the public and started as a media engagement facilitator for other public relations firms. We are primarily a technology firm rooted in big data science fueled by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our utilization of these technologies has allowed us to take tasks in the public relations industry that were once performed by humans and now perfected them by injecting the flawless and continuously predictable perfection of A.I. and machine learning. Our platforms work on behalf of the client 24/7, and our prices are so far below even the most aggressively priced industry competitor rate. Let our technology take the grind out of your P.R. practice. It’s time for you to enjoy what you do and focus on your client relationships!
We value our resellers as a critical component of our business. We offer the privacy and confidence you deserve, and we protect our relationships from backdooring by clients. We have precautionary measures in place that make it virtually impossible for a client we are managing on your behalf, to ever come directly to us for services. Our platforms are preprogrammed with alerts that bar the addition of data that has already been placed within their directory of tasks.
We are built for volume. Resellers, initially, are concerned as to our ability to take on a large volume of clients from the more challenging to manage industry niches. This is understandable, and we are happy to report that we facilitate P.R. for cannabis, cryptocurrency, cybersecurity, antimicrobial science, political action committees, and everything in-between. Our platform can handle an unlimited volume of campaigns. This is one of the reasons it’s a practical and logical move to become a Stitch Publicity reseller. You can focus on your brand and sales. Let’ us handle facilitation. You can offer your clients more and keep the profits without stressing about pitching them to media or event companies.
Our White Label Program is built for you to put your logo on predesigned material, and hand it to the client. This is entirely turnkey, and most resellers begin submitting clients within 24 hours of their reseller approval. 

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