Stitch’s Thought Leader Program

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A thought leader PR or marketing program does more than merely elevate your status among your peers; it needs to give you your own industry niche movement. You need to zero in on your target audience with such precision that your ideological message and positions about the industry will reverberate throughout the content read and new missions initiated by your intended audience. The problem is, all PR firms and marketers are doing the same thing. They are competing along similar vectors with identical tactics and a similar deficit in understanding of what it takes to create a movement for their thought leader client.

Our small team of experts advise political campaigns on the digitization of grassroots movement creation and cultivation, and we advise government stakeholders globally on the strategic process that we use for more powerful results in their messaging campaigns.

Stitch Publicity utilizes customized and proprietary A.I. and machine learning technology that helps you triple the distance in a fraction of the time. While your PR firm is briefing foreign-based contractors for your design work and dialing journalists to pitch you to media, our custom-tailored algorithms could be delivering legions of grassroots supporters, scheduling dozens of media engagements, inviting targeted audiences to your next keynote, strategically aligning your message with ideologically similar digital audiences and much more.

Our strategy utilizes metadata from over 10,000 endpoints to gain audience insights, down to the granularity of their idea formation process. Your movement starts now!

Within the first 60 days of enrolling in our program, the following benchmarks will be achieved:

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Congressional Advisory

Our thought leader strategy takes a trickle-down approach to positioning. If you qualify as a client, we will start you directly at the top of the food chain. Our network of congressional experts begins pitching you to offices within the United States Congress, who are seeking private sector experts for guidance on critical issues that are impacting your industry. We will begin scheduling times for you to be on conference calls or on Capitol Hill to start advising Congress on industry niche critical issues. (Note, this is not a lobby or regulatory effort. Contact us for details and conditions.) From day one, we've already catapulted you light-years beyond your peers.


Keynote Speaking

An industry niche forum will be created with you as the executive director, complete with website, content, and program schedule and Livestream setup for virtual events or National Press Club for Washington DC-based events.


Massive Media Coverage 

From the moment you submit your intake form, you'll begin to see forward movement. Within the first 48 hours, your one-page media document, forum, media outreach research, and A.I. platform keyword research will be moving with full force. By the end of the first week, you'll see interview bookings begin to hit your calendar. And this is only the beginning.

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Exponentially Grow Your Support Base 

This is a battle for hearts and minds. Our proprietary data-driven capabilities for both media outreach and industry stakeholders offers a new world of opportunities for even the most seasoned veteran in this space. Targeted outreach, A.I. driven automation, and an entire menu of game-changing options are all yours to explore and utilized to maximize your initiative and drive a new frontier of elevated results.

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Our A.I. Technology Continually Exceeds Client Expectations

With access to our proprietary, A.I. fueled media outreach platform, your initiatives step directly in front of the media outlets and journalists 100s of times each month. The earned media engagements made possible by our platform is heaven sent to your initiative stakeholders and hyper transformative for your career.

And this is only the beginning!

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Our Thought Leader Package details are as follows:


Proprietary Technology Stacks

We are hyper-focused on unifying technologies that automate traditional PR tasks. Your initiative will be a direct recipient of an entirely new level of technology-fueled efficiency, machine learning-based strategic calculation, and the communicative orchestration among digital tribes, chieftain, and organizational alliances that only comes with a human interface. Technology offers automation for tasks that would traditionally require entire teams of experts to facilitate.

Experts Panel

Livestream Press Conference (can also be recorded)

We will set up, host, record, and promote your live stream event to media, industry, and more. When it comes to invites and outreach, our unique data platform allows for precision targeting with the most up to date information available. Our dynamic database compares data at over 11,000 endpoints to ensure its accuracy. We will promote your live stream to 10,000+ targeted viewing prospects and will send them a video link after it is pre-recorded along with a link to your original research, and yes, of course, this is all CAN-SPAM compliant.


News Network Affiliate Blog and Article Distribution

Sure, press releases have their place for informing the public and journalists. Still, unless you’re a Fortune 50 CEO, more often than not, your message blends in with the chaos and noise of this overly communicative space. While some organizations operate their own publishing and authoring initiatives, most organizations and initiatives use more common publishing platforms. Blogs, Medium, and LinkedIn, among others, are the communication vectors used by most organizations to communicate with their tribes.

The objective then becomes maximizing each post for optimal efficiency. Our strategy is to offer quick and pronounced enunciation of each post by syndicating your content to 100s of NBS, CBS, CBS, Fox (among others) affiliates to both publish on their news sites and to consider you for an interview. Each platform puts your ideas in front of new potential ideological conversions while reinforcing strategy among your established support base.


New Project Hyper-Traction Program

Unless you're an institutional player with celebrity status, the result of your project initiatives have the same predictable outcome, nothing. You write a blog or publish an article; few people read it, and even fewer act upon your ideas. You land a big interview on a major program, but you hear crickets as you walk offset. You promote that big press conference; the media doesn't show up to cover it. You're invited to keynote at a major event, and the attendees are in the next room listening to your competitor talk while your audience is an ocean of empty seats. The problem isn't necessarily you or your organization.

The problem is, you haven't introduced the elevated levels of anticipation or pre-positioning for each of these initiatives.  When you have a keynote, or you are conducting an interview or writing an article, we will create a "market" for that future event, and promote its success after the event. We utilize technology to automate most of this strategy, so the desired outcome, once we've identified the winning strategy for your niche and audience, becomes a formula we replicate.

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Targeted Media Outlet Distribution

Journalists are like shepherds, and their value comes from the size of their flock of readers. We will comb through our dynamic database of 700,000 journalists and handpick those who offer the best possibility of writing and reporting on your initiative for their vast readership/viewership. They all want unique access; we find out what that access is, and we make it happen for a mutually beneficial relationship. Radio and TV programs are also on our radar and make those happen as needed.

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Massive, A.I. Driven, Realtime Journalist Outreach

How many times a day do journalists around the world use your initiative's targeted keywords in their work or on social media when they are looking for topical experts to interview? 50? 100? 1000 times each day? Now imagine each of those journalists getting a personalized pitch, on your behalf, by a PR team that works for you 24/7/365. How much media coverage do you think you’d get? Again, this is yet another powerful advantage that comes with access to our bleeding-edge technology.

Our proprietary Ronin Autom8 technology will continuously scan social media and new media being published nationally and globally. When our program identifies media coverage, a journalist requesting the assistance of an expert, or social media conversation by anyone in our media database about your initiative niche, we scan that information for positive or negative sentiment. Next, your designated PR executive will call or email an invite to have a discovery call where we will either pitch you as an expert to be interviewed or just put the call on your calendar if they ask for an interview first. This technology alone is a game-changer for everyone that has used it. We include it in this package.


Targeted Industry Niche Distribution:

Our researchers deep dive into the labyrinth of influencers within your industry and identify the executives who will be most interested in your ideology and information and ready to act upon it. We will curate this intelligence and utilize our findings to promote your thought leadership brand and invite other industry mavericks, media, and influencers to connect. We are careful not to overload media with information or to push too hard. Instead, we gently guide them with persistence, and yes, there is a difference.

This component of our package has transformed the outcome of many experts who brought us on to take over their thought leadership campaign, and who, before finding our program, found little to no success with the socialization of their ideas among the industry niche influencers. This package considers every conceivable contributing factor that can optimize the chances of a successful outcome for the acceptance and utilization of your ideas among its intended audience. We take added measures to customize our program to cater to those optimizations to ensure a compelling client experience.

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Congressional Distribution (If your content qualifies):

We distribute unique, properly cited, and non-regulatory research among both House and Senate Members, Caucuses, Committees, and Sub-Committees. In most cases, offices will request talking points, conference call briefings, and in-person briefings and advisory on Capitol Hill. We are there to assist and guide you every step of the way with our core team of experienced government advisory experts. (contact us for details for qualification)

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Federal Agency Distribution (if content qualifies):

As part of our thought leadership content distribution, Livestream and event invites, we will also make your research available to pertinent Federal Agency executives to utilize the information your research provides. In many cases, if your research sparks interest, you'll have the opportunity to brief federal agencies on your findings. (contact us for details for qualification)

International Flags

 International Government Distribution (if content qualifies): 

Your research and Livestream feed will be distributed to international governments around the world who are best suited to utilize the information from your findings. We cover Western and Eastern Europe, a majority of Africa, South and Central America, and key regions of Asia. Responses will come from those recipients that have more fluent English language skills or a keen interest in your findings based on the national impact your findings could have on their country. (contact us for details for qualification)


Congressional and Federal Agency Briefing Tour (If strategies qualify and Congress is interested):

Through our vast network of Congressional office contacts, we have deep and extensive connections to test the Congressional interest in your thought leadership solutions. (This is NOT a lobbying effort. We do not engage in lobbying or influence peddling of any kind.) If there is interest in your research within Congress, we want to put you in front of them to brief them on your findings. You are offering advisory to representatives and their staff who are dealing with challenges for which your research may have solutions.  Your findings could very well put you on Capitol Hill, advising the highest level of government. This is a unique opportunity to offer the benefits of your research and ideas to enhance the lives of millions globally. First time in Congress? No problem. One of our experienced government advisors will be with you every step of the way. All you need to do is show up and let your thought leadership take over!

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Podcast Interview Tour:

The demand for podcast interviews continues to grow and has exceeded the demand for interviews on TV and Radio combined. Podcasts offer surgical precision coverage as this forum allows you to present your ideas to legions of niche audience enthusiasts. The dedication and loyalty of these listeners, compounded by their influential and efficient sharing of content and social media buzz creation, makes podcast coverage the most sought-after publicity strategy offered today. We will create a Podcast Interview Tour that puts you on shows and in front of industry enthusiasts who are most interested in hearing and acting upon your message. In most cases, your Livestream recording and research download link will be shared via podcast description read by those who download and listen to your episode, private and open subscriber newsletters and social media 100s, 1000s, and even 10,000s of times.

Political Conference

Your Own National Press Club Forum:

It’s one thing to be asked to speak at an event, but wouldn’t you be more interested in having your own specialized niche forum? We’ll custom design an industry niche forum that offers both Livestream and brick and mortar events at the National Press Club. This white-glove solution puts you in the driver seat with complete control as the executive director of your own, unique topical niche forum. You tell us how you want it, and we set it up, complete with keynote spots, expert panels and moderators, video cameras, mics, video editing, and even promotions.

Imagine being able to offer clients and peers the ability to voice their opinions, expertise, and ideas directly to the media and a massive virtual audience in a historical location such as the National Press Club. This is the only executive director program that allows you to simply be the talent, and show up, while we take care of all the details for you. We'll also invite targeted media and pitch your event for national and international coverage.

Its time to start your thought leadership movement!

In the art of movement creation, it’s all about gaining access to, loyalty from, and streamline messaging to the digital tribe and chieftain hierarchy of modern social influence. Thought leadership is about winning hearts and minds and creating loyal followers and fans. It's a battle to capture, control, and cultivate a targeted component within the industry narrative. 

Traditional public relations firms don’t understand the mechanisms of ideological and information-based combat. They are using old-fashioned tactics for strategies that require the mass output and surgical precision of A.I. driven automation.  Our approach takes your initiative and builds it into the granular fiber and social construct of your target audience, their daily lives, their professional mantras, and their established value system. Impossible is nothing, at Stitch!

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